Monday, January 24, 2011

Imagining the Occupations of the Saints

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At the Dark Mill watching the stone turn it's rounds, grinding down the years, days, minutes. Imagining the Occupations of the Saints. The long nights of darkness in the caves out in the Desert. The longer moments of doubt in the full light of day. Marking time in lines across their faces. Most of the time is filled with Being the in the World without forgetting. Keeping presence of mind. The Millstone rumbles in the reduction of everything, from the Rose to the Diamond, to dust. There is nothing but the Great Maw of Existence chewing everything down, the Gears of the Abyss turning the All back to Nothing. Time pressed against my back. Everyday I work over a mark on the Bedstone, jumping in as the Millstone passes, working up until the last instant, remembering not to get lost in The Work, and jumping back at the last instant as the Millstone comes back around.